Application Players

Magoware Application offers 2 players : Android Default Player and Exoplayer.

Based on the streams supported by both players you can choose betwen players from application user interface.
To change the player follow these steps :

  1. Go to Personal Menu on application
  2. Open Settings
  3. Click on Player option and choose (default or exoplayer)
  4. Click Save and return to main Menu

The option to change the player is available on all application platforms

25 responses to “Application Players”

  1. Dido says:

    I`ve installed VLC player (and set it to default player) on my andoid tablet, because Android cant play mpeg2 by itself. It plays nicely all mpeg2 content, but magoware app only plays audio from mpeg2 streams and cant select VLC from settings. There are only “Default” and “ExoPlayer” who cant play mpeg2 too.
    How to tell magoware app to play the content with VLC player?

    • Iris Staro says:

      Hello Dido!

      Magoware application has only 2 players active which are Android default player and Exoplayer, VLC is not currently integrated on application that’s why you can choose it from settings.

      Team Magoware

      • Dido says:

        VLC as external player is great option due to others lack of support for many codecs, especially mpeg2. Mpeg2 is used for about 60% of satellite transmissions.

        • Iris Staro says:

          Hello Dido!

          We will take in consideration you suggest for integration of VLC player. We are always trying to offer more solutions to our customers

          Team Magoware

          • Yuriy says:

            I agree 100%. same issue on my device. Default player and Exoplayer can`t play most of my tv channels. it`s same with VODs.
            And MAGOWARE app. for android tablets not working. After downloading app. it can`t open (Samsung, Vido, e.t.c) please help.

          • Iris Staro says:

            Hello Yuriy!
            Thank you for contacting Magoware!
            If possible could you provide more details about stream types you are using?
            For the application , please check the version you are downloading.
            You can contact us on our e-mail address or skype address : MAGOWARE IPTV

            Magoware Team

  2. Alex says:

    When i connect with android STB i get “error getting channels #1”

    Also how is it possible to change default server address, or to make it keep the password and server

    • Iris Staro says:

      Hello Alex!
      Depending on the streaming type , you need to choose between default player or exoplayer to be able to play the streams.
      The server address is changed and modified on application in case of purchasing one of our White Label packages.
      If you need more information about this please contact us at

      Magoware Team

    • Iris Staro says:

      Hello Alex!
      Thank you for contacting Magoware!

      The issue you are having with playing the channels may be related to the stream format you have added. You can try both players integrated on the application, android default player and exoplayer.
      Changing the default server address to you server IP or Domain, is part of White Labeling. Shall you need information about the customization of application, please contact us at

      Magoware Team

  3. Eduardo says:

    Good afternoon.

    I wanna get a White label Advanced, but i came here before just to see comments about this.
    I’ve seen troubles registered for many people where they say; “Magoware don’t support MPEG2, i need to use necessary a VLC for being able to see my MPEG2 videos.”
    I’ll be waiting for a response, thanks to everyone.

  4. Jose says:

    Se puede usar multicast udp://@ para source stream?

  5. Abe Nasser says:

    Thanks for the great product.
    I have downloaded your Android App from Google Play Store and try to login as:
    I created a customer with the above username and password already.

    It shows under the Customer/Devices that I logged in, but I can’t get it to be logged in the Android App to see the app menu and… ?
    Any advice would be appreciated.

    Here are the info under the Devices:
    Ethernet Android 1440×2768 0 SM-N950U Buil… 26

    • Iris Staro says:

      Hello Abe!
      Thank you for contacting Magoware.
      Can you please tell us what happens on the application after logging in?

      Magoware Team

      • Adi says:

        Same thing happen to me. I setup the server, create user in backoffice. When I input username and password on smartphone app, the Logging in loading start spinnning, there’s some log printed on my command prompt server, but it just keeps showing spinning loader on smartphone.

        • Iris Staro says:

          Hello Adi!
          THank you for contacting Magoware!
          Please make sure the device has access on the internet , and on the server address field the correct format should be
          If you have setup a different port number from 80 for the management system, please include it on the link of the server address

          Magoware Team

          • Coka says:

            I have same problem.
            Internet connection is ok,
            Got panel up and running hosted online nodejs and mysql…

            Everything is fine on backoffice..
            However when I try to login, It logs in backoffice right account, right device model… but in app loggin keeps spinning.

            One thing ive noticed tho… It doesnt matter what device I keeps loging same ip adress in backoffice
   ill have to check if this is from nodejs or mysql server..or other..I dont know…
            Ntype is wifi all devices have internet acess. Wifi says undefined

          • Iris Staro says:

            Hello Flavio!
            Are you logging in on the application, writing the server address on this format : http://ipaddress ?
            In case you have a port number configured different from 80 , please make sure to specify it like this : http://ipaddress:portnumber

            Magoware Team

  6. Shamar Gray says:

    Hello i added a m3u8 stream channel that i bought and the magoware app only plays it for about 15 seconds then it stops and says cant play video

    • Iris Staro says:

      Hello Shamar!
      Thank you for contacting Magoware.
      The problem you are having happens with both players, android default player and exoplayer ? In other external players, is the stream played correctly ?
      Please contact us at for further assistance if needed

      Magoware Team

  7. Dear Team,

    when i login from samsung smart phone .it’s showing no subscription.

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