How to Create TV Channels

Create all your channels and assign them to proper Genre/Category. You can have one or more stream per channel, depending on your network setup. You can serve multicast streams to customers of a closed network, and OTT streams to customers over the internet

Follow the instructions and steps described below to create TV Channels

  • Click on Live TV Stream Source submenu of TV Channels
  • Click Create
  • Fill the description field
  • Click Submit

The first step of creating channels is completed by creating all the stream sources you need

Genres can be used to distinguish or group channels of certain criteria on the client side. To create categories follow these steps :

  • Click on Categories / Genres submenu of TV Channels
  • Click Create
  • Fill the necesary fields as instructed below
    Description – Name of the channel category
    Is available – Click the box to make the category available to use in further steps
    Icon – Upload an icon for this category you are creating
  • Click Submit

The first step in this phase is to create channel general information.

  • Click on Channels/Streams submenu of TV Channels
  • Click Submit
  • Fill the necessary fields as instructed below :Title – Channel name
    Genre – Choose from dropdown list one of the genres you already created
    Channel mode – Live TV or Catchup TV
    Description – You can specify data you need to know for the channel in this field
    Is available – Click the box to make this channel available to use
    Pin Protected – Click the box if this channel should be protected by pin
    Icon – Upload channel icon
  • Click Submit

Now we are in second step , adding channel stream

  • Click Add Stream button in the same dialog page after creating channel data
  • Fill the necessary fields as instructed below :Channel – It’s auto selected by the system
    Stream Source ID – Choose from dropdown list the channel stream source
    Stream URL – Channel stream
    Stream Format – Choose from dropdown list channel format , for example HLS format
    Is Octoshape – If this is an octoshape channel check the box
    Token – Check the box if channel is protected by token
    Token URL – Fill in the token url if you have one , or with a 0 if channels are not protected by token
    Encryption – Check the box if channel  is protected by an encryption key
    Encryption URL – Fill in the encryption key or 0 in case of no encryption key
  • Click Submit

Channel Packages are used on the company side to group channels for sales purposes. Create channel packages and link channels to proper package. Channels packages will be latter included into Combos/Plans
In order to create Channel Packages follow these steps :

  • Click on Channel Packages submenu of TV Channels
  • Click Create
  • Fill the necessary fields :
    Package name – Name the package you are creating
    Package type – Specify if this package is for Live TV or VOD service , and also if it is for big screens or small screens. Choose the type you from dropdown list
  • Click Submit

Once you have created channel package you need to specify the channels that will be included in this package.

Click Add Channel
Fill the necessary fields :Packages – It is autoselected from the system
Channels – Choose channel you want to add to this package.
Click Submit
Now you have the full information created about TV Channels

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  1. Blair says:

    This web site is really a walk-through for all of the info you wanted about this and didnt know who to ask. Glimpse here, and youll definitely discover it.

  2. Masi Saffi says:


    I am experiencing some issues. When I try to go into the categories and genre tab, it won’t go. The circle just spins.

    Kind regards
    Masi Saffi

    • Iris Staro says:

      Hello Masi!
      Please set MySQL mode to NO_ENGINE_SUBSTITUTION. Find below the command you should run :
      This will resolve the problem you are having

      Magoware Team

  3. Hello, can you tell me please format and size of picture for the icon to the channel, I’ve tried with pictures of 240×240 and sundry formats but don’t have effect in the app when I watch the channel. Thanks

  4. Jonathan says:

    buenas tardes, excelente programa, pero tengo problemas en la opcion de crear canales web, simplemente se queda girando y nunca muestra el formulario para crear canales. igualmente en la opcion de categorias de canales, nunca cargay se queda girando.

    • Iris Staro says:

      Hello Jonathan!
      Thank you for contacting Magoware!

      To resolve the problem you are having with the menu-s loading , please set MySQL mode to ‘NO_ENGINE_SUBSTITUTION’

      Magoware Team

      • buenas noches
        gracias por responder, luego de ejecutar
        y reiniciar los servicios, sigue igual en el menu de crear canales, se queda cargando y no muestra el formulario.

  5. anthony says:

    whenever i try to create a category the page gets stuck and doesnt move, its just stuck

  6. Hello, I have some issues in adding a stream url, in which format should I put the url, I test the same url in VLC and it plays very well.

  7. hello i can create channel stream and channel category. any body help me about.

  8. Kowsar Hossen says:

    Dear Magoware Team,
    I would be very glad to you if you will help me to add channel in packages. as per your documents there is no option come when i click add channel. when i click add channel here in message channel added successfully.
    please advice me how can i solve this issue.

    • Iris Staro says:

      Hello Kowsar!

      You are having issues on adding a channel when you click on create ? Or you can’t save a channel to the packages.
      We would recommend install the latest update of the management system published on github ( On the latest versions, on the same interface where you create channel general data, also you can select the packages.
      Please note that before doing this , you need to create the channel packages.

      Magoware Team

  9. Hi. How do you mass upload channels?

  10. Vladimir says:

    Привет.Как можно добавить каналы со спутника с карты tbs6909 ?

  11. Alica says:

    Thanks, it’s very informative

  12. Hello, I have successfully installed your system, I can create channels, register with the client, even watch my live TV streams, everything works correctly … however I can not get the channel icons or the company logo to show nowhere. the initial menu icons and channel icons are not displayed

    • Iris Staro says:

      Hello Daniel!
      Thank you for contacting Magoware.

      To solve the issue you are having, please setup under Company Settings – Assets URL field with the public server IP or domain so the application can receive the images correctly.

      Best Regards
      Magoware Team

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