How to configure catchup

Note: Only catchup services offered by Flussonic server can be integrated at the moment. Please contact us should you require custom integration with your own catchup services. You can read more about the Flussonic server DVR features on the following url:

Follow these steps on the backend server after you have successfully configured Flussonic catchup (DVR)

  1. Select the channel for which you have enabled catchup and go to edit mode.
  2. Under channel streams section, add a new stream.
  3. Select the stream source; should be the same as the live stream.
  4. On the stream url field, enter the catchup stream url you have configured on the Flussonic server, similar to this format: http://your-flussonic-ip/your-channel/timeshift_abs-[epochtime].m3u8. You should leave [epochtime] as it is, it will be automatically replace by the application with the correct time. You can read more about Flussonic catchup on this url:
  5. Under stream format select HLS.
  6. Continue with the rest of the fields.

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