How To Create VOD Items

Create all your VOD Items/Movies and assign them to proper categories


Follow the instructions and steps described below to create VOD Items

  • Click on VOD Stream Source submenu of VOD
  • Click Create
  • Fill Stream Source field by adding name of source
  • Click Submit

Create all VOD Stream Source you need too.

VOD Categories will be used to group VOD items on the client side

  • Click on VOD Categories submenu of VOD
  • Click Create
  • Fill the necessary fields :
    Name – Category name
    Description – Specify information you need for the category
    Sorting – Determines the position where the category will be shown on menu
    Icon – Upload an icon for this category , showed on VOD android version 4.4
    Small Icon – The icon of category showed on VOD for android version 5 and above
    Password – Click the box if this category should be protected by PIN
    Is Available – Click the box to make the category available to use in further steps
  • Click Submit

Create all VOD Categories you need too

After creating VOD Stream Source and VOD Categories , you can start creating VOD Movie. To do that :

  • Click Vod Movies in submenu of VOD
  • Click Create
  • Fill the necessary fields
    Title – Movie Name / Mandatory field
    Movie IMDB ID – ID of the movie on IMDB , if is used must be exact and unique for each movie
    Category – Choose from dropdown list the category you want to link the movie
    Package – Choose from dropdown list the package you want to link the movie
    Year – Movie Year
    Director – Movie Director
    Rate – Movie rate , from 1 to 10
    Clicks – Movie clicks, starts from 0 and it is calculated from the click of movie on application
    Duration – Duration of movie in minutes
    Description – Movie Description
    Starring – Actors
    Icon – Image showed on application when movie is listed on categories
    Image – Image showed on application when movie is opened
    Pin Protected – Check if the movie should be protected by PIN
    Is Available – Check to make the movie appear on the application
    Default Subtitles – From the drop-down list choose the default subtitles you want to assign to that movie
  • Click Submit

The next step will be to add the movie stream to make it playable on the application.

  • Click Add Stream in the same dialog page
  • Fill the necessary fields
    Vod – VOD Movie , autoselected from the system
    Stream Source – Movie Stream Source (created on the previous step)
    URL – Movie Stream
    Token – Check the box if the movie stream is protected by token
    Token URL – If there is token protection , add the token url. If not , leave it blank
    Encryption – Check the box if the movie stream is protected by encryption key
    Encryption URL – If there is encryption protection , add the encryption url. If not , leave it blank
    Stream Format – Choose from drop-down list the type of the stream
  • Click Submit

    If needed you can add subtitles to the VOD movie , a data you can find when you edit Movie

  • Click Add Subtitles in the first dialog page of general movie information
  • Fill the necessary fields :
    VOD – VOD Movie , autoselected by system
    Title – Specify the subtitles titel , for examle “english subtitles”
    URL – Click Browse to upload subtitles file
  • Click Submit

Like Live TV Packages, VOD Packages are also used on the company side to group VOD items for sales purposes. Create VOD packages and link VOD items to proper package. VOD packages will be latter included into Combos/Plans

  • Click VOD Packages submenu in VOD
  • Click Create
  • Fill the necessary fields :
    Package Name – Name of the package
    Package Type – Choose from dropdown list package type, for example “VOD Small Screen”
  • Click Submit

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  1. rapha says:

    How to create a combo?

  2. Yamcell says:

    We are test panel and have this problem Please tell us if we need to set up any for fix this
    1. Upload subtitule show in player select ok bud not work in movie used srt in rar and unrar
    2.After 4 minutes playin movies with eco and defauld movie stop and back to info no more than 4minutes played in any movie. Mp4 mkv or hls

    Same login and password can sign in, in múltiple device and not know how to limites to one or 2 device like mobile and stb this is really necesary because we offer 1 device for client in test another app with your mw and when we try to log in another device say u want to log in different device need lo log out and not allow to use in 2 place at same time how to set ip this in each account
    4. I used stb apk and mobile from download
    And mobile not show movies only sbt big screen can
    What it the price for White label app
    Need White custom apk for Apple TV iPhone Android box Android TV Samsung smart and smart LG Please PM us the prices it are available

  3. albert born says:

    Hello how to set up TV show we did all and dont show in User side
    Thanks in advance

    • Iris Staro says:

      Hello Albert!
      We have updated the management system code on GitHUB with the fixes of the reported problems. Please update the version and test it further with the new version

      Best Regards
      Magoware Team

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