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Sign Up from Device

You can create a login account directly from your smartphone , clicking Sign Up menu and adding you basing information as shown :

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30 responses to “Sign Up from Device”

  1. Eduardo says:

    which is the URL for frontEnd?

    • Iris Staro says:

      Hello Eduardo!

      If you have sign-ed up from Magoware application , you don’t need to enter a server url.Please confirm the e-mail registration sent to your e-mail address in order to confirm your registration.

      If you need assistance or questions about our product, don’t hesitate to contact us on our e-mail address info@magoware.tv or in our skype address (MAGOWARE IPTV)


  2. masi says:

    what is serveraddress and how do i find it?

  3. george says:

    is there any test servers?I would like to test one tv box

  4. Hello, I got my server running ok, I was doing tests with the app installed in my phone and all is ok, now I want to login in a TV Box with Android 6.0.1 but it give me an error 888: INVALID_INSTALATION.

  5. Pedro says:

    There is some automatic process to load the EPG for all channels. I mean, he loads the EPG every Sunday, for example.

    I mention this because an epg file for about 10 channels with all its information can weigh more than 30MB approx. and energetic a little more than 70,000 lines.

    • Iris Staro says:

      Hello Pedro!
      Thank you for contacting Magoware!
      Yes, we are working on this feature, to have the EPG upload process automatic from the management system. We will let you know when this feature will be available with the instructions too

      Magoware Team

  6. Hi, Iris.
    I am not able to enter anymore to https://backoffice.magoware.tv/admin/#/login
    with the user guest / guest.
    Did I do something wrong or is there a problem with the server?


  7. Hi, Iris.

    thanks for your quick response, I can not see the toolbar on the left of the screen, at first I saw them, but now they are not anymore

    Santiago del,


  8. willy says:


    I have install Magoware in a PC to test (backoffice), also Magoware apk in a tvbox. I have create a customer and user from the backoffice, when i try to login from tvbox it keeps loading and never login. Can you help me ?

    Thanks !!

    • Iris Staro says:

      Hello Willy!
      Thank you for contacting Magoware!

      Please make sure the devices have access on internet. Also make sure when you login , to write down the server address on this format :
      If the management system is configured in a port number different from 80, the format should be : http://pcIPaddress:portnumber

      For any further assistance please contact us at support@magoware.tv

      Magoware Team

      • Willy says:


        Yes that was the problem, it works now. This app can be showed as principal application on the tvbox ? So guest only will be restricted to this app? Is posible to login as admin from apk to see the configuration of tvbox ? Is posible to restrict users to access to the configuration of the tvboxes using this app ?

        • Iris Staro says:

          Hello Willy!
          Yes , we can provide the branded application and the launcher to make the application the default one on Set Top Box-es. Regarding the questions for the devices (STB) this is a topic you need to discuss with manufactures of STB

          Magoware Team

  9. surya says:


    i have installed magoware backoffice and an APK to an android phone. when i tried to login it said 704 Wrong Password Data.

    the user and the password i enter are correct. do you know whats wrong?

    • Iris Staro says:

      Hello Surya!
      Thank you for contacting Magoware.

      Please make sure the application you have installed on smartphone is version 1163 , which is the correct version for mobile. On the login page , apart of username and password , please add also the server address where the management system is installed on your side. The correct format is : http://serverIP_or_DomainName

      Shall you need further assistance or have question please contact us at support@magoware.tv

      Magoware Team

      • surya says:

        Hello, thanks for you quick response.

        my version is already 1163 and i also already put server ip http://serverIP . when i used admin/admin account it said account not found. i think that is right because i have never created admin/admin account for subscriber login. what should i do ?


  10. James says:

    Is there a feature control the login bind to a device, so that the login are not share among other unregister customer?

  11. Eli says:

    Few Quetsions:
    1. There is a way to watch the stream on devices like Sansung Smart-tv?
    2. On app login, the user and the password saved but the server need to be written again every time. Any way to fix it?
    3. Any way to watch the stream from windows desktop?

    • Iris Staro says:

      Hello Eli!
      Thank you for contacting Magoware! Please find below the answers to your questions
      1. There is a way to watch the stream on devices like Sansung Smart-tv? The application is under development and we will launch a first version soon
      2. On app login, the user and the password saved but the server need to be written again every time. Any way to fix it? The server address can not be saved in case of using the Magoware applications under our branding. In case of purchasing one of our White Label packages, the application will be redirected by default to your server. This means your management system url will be hard coded
      3. Any way to watch the stream from windows desktop? This application is not supported yet , it is still under development

      Magoware Team

  12. Flavio says:

    I cant signup, and I can login with usere created by backend…
    Either way Loading screen keeps spinning…

    I’ve managed to login once with a nox player…

    I think app is out of date

    • Iris Staro says:

      Hello Flavio!
      Thank you for contacting Magoware!
      Can you please confirm the application platform and version you are testing ? Also please make sure after filling your data’s on signup page , you need to confirm the link on your email address , to be able to login

      Magoware Team

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