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Dual Picture & Audio in Linear TV by MAGOWARE

Have you ever thought about watching two live television channels or feeds at the same time?

If that is your case, then YES, abracadabra MAGOWARE has succeeded and now offers the ability to share on the same device screen, at the same time, two different live tv channels or feeds. Took care of the audio as well :)

Right Tap for x2 picture/ audio by Magoware

So you can choose which one of the linear TV channels/streams to prioritize by tapping on the right screen side of the TV channel you want to view and hear, or tap on the left screen side for the other linear channel, and that's it.

Left Tap for x2 picture/ audio by Magoware

Technically, all you need is an input server and a playout-transcoder server (such as Nimble). The stream includes a video and two audio tracks handled by the input servers. In the transcoder server, you can add the same stream name by selecting the video source without audio, then just the first audio source without video, and for the final touch, select the second audio stream without video.

Magoware dual picture and audio feature for Live TV channels
UI/UX of x2 picture & audio by Magoware

In the end, you can combine both of them into one single live TV channel, and with MAGOWARE player applications on every smart device, you have this amazing feature to perform such an activity.

Stay tuned for next "magic" implementation by MAGOWARE, your trusted partner for IPTV/OTT solutions.

© MAGOWARE, 2022

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