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Magoware helps media companies to deliver their content by providing them three useful tools:

  • A powerful portal to manage customers and content.

  • Intuitive and user friendly applications.

  • Integration with 3rd party services facilitate every day work.

We are specialized on building & developing IPTV/OTT Middleware Solution for all Pay TV operators may it by migration or Start UP.

The Portal of Management allows every department on the company to organize their job: ​​

  • Customer Care may check and update user's status and their subscriptions to help them.

  • Technical staff may load the content in 1 minute, and be ready to deliver it.

  • The sales department may notify the users to the new offers by sending them customized messages on their screen.

  • The administrator has full control of daily operations done by system reports.

  • The company receives detailed reports about sales and products in one click.

End User Applications.

End user applications are available on every platform, from smartphones to smart TVs. User may watch their favourite program live, schedule a notification for a future one, or play one from the recording servers.

VERIMATRIX's official reseller

Integration with third party systems facilitates the subscription process to a level where no user interaction is required to activate the service. 

On the other hand, analyze their user's behavious using tools like google analytics and other metods.




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