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MW Sport Division

Now it is easier to distribute sport channels via MW Sport. A Combined platform with a Powerful CMS and dynamic applications that satisfy user experience

Powered by Magoware

Dedicated to Live Sport Channels

Fully featured App for multi- smart devices
(Android Stb; Android Smart Tv; Android Mobile & Tablet; iOS iPhone & iPad; TVOS; MAG Stb; Vestel Smart TV; Amazon Fire TV; Samsung Smart TV; LG Smart TV; Roku Stb; Web-App;)

DEDICATED User interface in Mobile platforms combining live score  results, line ups, Highlights and more with Live TV streaming. 

Reliable CMS (Content Management System) whereas you can manage Content , Customers and Analyze Statistics

Content Acquisition - Partnership with Leading  Content Aggregators .

Magoware Sport Division UI.gif

Multi-angle APP from LIVE Stadium

Multi-Angle is a unique mobile/tablet/Web app feature implemented in Live TV through a touch gesture/click with the option to choose any from the set of thumbnails  displayed

( ¾ à ¼ screen) where the selected camera appears in the large section and the thumbnails of the other cameras to be selected in the small one.

Event highlights can be selected by the user via catchup feature, synchronised for all five angles miniscreens, with the ability to replay in the same time the same fragment/event from the different cameras/angles displayed. 

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