Middleware Features

Lightweight, fast and scalable. Runs on any OS and any relational database.


The Management Portal allows every department on the company to organize their job:


Customer Care may check and update user’s status and their subscriptions to help them.

Technical staff may load the content in 1 minute, and be ready to deliver it.

The sales department may notify the users to the new offers by sending them customized  messages on their screen.

The administrator have full control of daily operations done by system reports.

The company receives detailed reports about sales and products in one click.


Some of our unique awesome features


Open Source

We have nothing to hide. The middleware comes as open source. Lets make it better together.

Any OS any Database

Lightweight and fast. Interpreted by NodeJs it can be installed even on a cell phone.

Rest API

Use our Rest API to connect your running services, or use the Zapier app to connect immediately to thousands of apps.

Integrates with


Plans and Packages

Group linear channels and VOD content to monetize them in any possible way. Group and price them by duration, content type, device type, etc.



Increase your revenue by utilizing public ADs channels or in house ADs.

Banner ADs

You can use ADMob or Custom banner ADs either in transition phase or on screen.


Compatible with any service providing VAST ADs. Can run on pre-roll, mid-roll or post roll.


Backoffice key features


Brand your end user applications on the fly, by changing logos, icons, backgrounds.

Multi CDN

Organize customers by best available CDN or internal Multicast network.

Device Limit

Set device concurrency login on company level or per account.

Push Messages

Remote support users by sending push notifications or remote commands.

Screen Size

Manage contend by allocating  screen size or device type


Manage email templates or extend functionality by utilizing webapps.


Protect content using token, internal encryption or DRMs.

App Upgrade

Upgrade application remotely  for devices missing play-store.


Application player features

Checkout the application player features or download the full features list.