Application Player Features

An advanced player for every screen.


6 .0            7.0            7.1            8.0.0            8.1.0            9            10

Plays On

Available in every device and every screen. Try the demo apps for more or download the full comparison chart.

iOS 10            iOS 11            iOS 12            iOS 13             iOS 14

Tizen 3.0            Tizen 4.0            Tizen 5.0            Tizen 5.5

webOS 3.x            webOS 4.x            webOS 5.x

Web Browser Tv

Safari           Google Chrome            Firefox         Edge 

MAG322            MAG324            MAG420


Simple and Intuitive

Powerful and simple to use through touch pad or remote control dPads.


Feature Rich

Watch, schedule, rewind, organize, filter, search. All your linear TV features in one place.

VOD and TV Shows

Browse and watch on demand content.





Secured by

Application player key features


Your data is virtually unhackable compared to traditional net

VR & 360

Experience as if you were there with our virtual reality player


Administer and show ADs on event or time basis.


Time based and program based catchup navigation system.



Schedule favorite programs and get notified on your smartphone or STB.


Play the past or schedule the future directly from the EPG Module


Administer and linear channels into favorite lists for easy access.

Multi Language

An user interface with multiple language support.


Administration Panel Features

Find out more about the administration panel features.

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