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Chargebee Webhook Configuration

In this guide will be discussed the steps to configure Chargebee webhooks.

When your application needs to know and act upon certain events when they occur in Chargebee  such as an account being created/updated or a subscription that created/canceled, you can use webhooks to notify your application. You can configure Chargebee to notify your system via a webhook call .

Configure Webhooks

Firstly go to and create an account after login choose site and you will be redirected to dashboard.

To configure your webhooks, go to Settings > Configure Chargebee > API Keys and Webhooks. Then switch to the Webhooks tab.


To create a webhook click Add Webhook. You can create up to five webhooks.


Webhook Name and URL

The webhook name is the name by which the webhook will be referred to chargebee. (beta_backoffice_webhook). The URL is the one that our app will be listening to the webhook where API created is apiv2/chargebee/subsription_created.

Test Webhooks

After created you can test your webhook.

  1. Click on Test Webhook.

  2. Choose an event to test with.

  3. Click Test URL . The request is send , see the response received that will be displayed.

Update or Remove Webhooks


To change configuration or to delete it , click on More Options menu.

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