How to integrate Token Flussonic

To protect streams using Flussonic server please proceed as follows:

  1. Find the channel and click edit.
  2. Find the stream you want to protect and click edit.
  3. Activate token checkbox.
  4. On the token URL field, enter the following address:

http(s)://yourserver.address/apiv2/token/flussonic/[stream name]


  1. Security parameters like secure_token, password, salt, can be found and modified in file  token_drm.server.controller.js. Values of these parameters shall be the same as the ones on the flussonic server.
  2. Advanced configuration

The following constants can be modified on the fly by being provided as query string


  • password
  • salt
  • ip
  • starttime
  • endtime


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  1. Buzz says:

    Can`t find this file token_drm.server.controller.js. Where i need to look

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