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Integration with Pallycon

Magoware has been integrated with Pallycon. Pallycon provides multi DRM licensing service to help to apply content security quickly and easily.

Pallycon features:

  • Cloud-based Saas Service

Pallycon Multi-DRM License Service is a cloud service built on Amazon Web Service. In this order is not necessary to build a separate DRM server.

  • Easy and Fast Multi-DRM integration

It helps in integrationg DTM into the content services quickly and easily.

  • Various integration API

Pallycon supports different customer environments by providing callback gateway method or DRM license issuing API using token.

  • Reliability and Security

Pallycon provides more than 99.95% availability and high level of security.

PallyCon Multi-DRM supports the SPEKE API integration to help customers enable DRM encryption with AWS Media Services easily. configure the SPEKE API integration on the AWS console. Then the encrypted DASH or HLS stream can be delivered by Amazon CloudFront or any other CDN.

Magoware is one of the leading actors of the ecosystem providing IPTV/ OTT deployment and also a licensed reseller for the Multi DRM solutions that Pallycon offers.

Now, with Magoware you can start your IPTV/ OTT service immediately without concerns thanks to:

● On premise and SaaS Business Models tailoring your needs.

● Stable and scalable Administration System ( Middleware/ CMS -Content Management System).

● User friendly and feature rich native applications supported in all devices/ platforms for Big Screen (Stb-s, Smart TV-s Android, Samsung & LG Smart TV, Apple TV, Google and Amazon Firestick, etc) and Small Screen (Android/ iOS mobiles & tablets).

● Promising and continuous development from #magoteam.

● License to resell Verimatrix Multi-DRM solutions and offering their protection in a more competitive approach without extra charges or Setup costs and pay as you go.

● Integrations with third party systems to facilitate everyday work.

● Continuous Support.

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