In order to experience Magoware android application you have to:

  • Go te Play Store;

  • Search "Magoware";

  • Download;

  • After downloading the application you can sign in.

MAGOWARE Inc is committed to provide qualitative and reliable  solutions in the IPTV/ OTT industry. We have released the ultimate versions of our Content Management System (CMS), a middleware that allows every department in the company to organize their work. End user applications are available on every platform, from smartphones to smart TVs. Users may watch their favorite program live, schedule a notification for a future one, or play one from the recording servers.

Android Apps: 

We have built a native, user friendly, stable and powerful application on Android Platforms. 

Simple and Intuitive

Powerful and simple to use through touch pad or remote control dPads.

Feature Rich

Watch, schedule, rewind, organize, filter, search. All your linear TV features in one place

Product Overview


Channel Menu


OSD bar is build with features and  functionalities like:

  • the icon of the channel;

  • the time;

  • the name of the channel and the program that is currently on display;

  • the name of the event that is going to be shown next;

  • the time in which the program starts and the time in which it ends;

  • the date.

Channel Menu

In this feature is shown a list of  categories for the channels, including the   category of your favorite channels.



Catchup is the recording of live TV programs so that it can be accessed at a later time after the program is finished.To select the day in which the program was shown all you have to do is scroll and choose the time and the program.


EPG is the Electronic Program  Guide.It gives you the opportunity to view the past, current and future program information. You can also schedule the future events directly from the EPG.


This feature provides information about the program that is currently being displayed.


Click        to select your favorite channel, this way a new category will be created and it will be easier to find the prefered channels.





Video on demand main screen manages  to display :

  • different categories (ex. TV Shows, All Movies etc);

Each "Category" has different carousels that include movies from the same category. All event/ movies included in one category/ carusel can be displayed by clicking "See all"

  • the search button;

You can search the movie or ​tv show you want to watch.

  • the back button.


When you select a movie you can:

  • ​watch the trailer of the movie.

  • read a short description about the movie and the year the movie was released, the rating.

  • read the genre of the movie, the cast and the director.

After watching the movie you can vote if you liked it or not.

TV Shows


TV Shows main screen manages  to display :

  • the description of the TV Show;

  • the director of the TV Show and the cast;

  • the option to select the season you want to watch (below the description on the left side); 

After selecting the season the list of the episodes will appear.

In the following screen you can see details such as :

  • the description of the episode;

  • the director;

  • the cast;

  • the rating of the episode.

You can also select if you want to watch the trailer first or directly the episode. When you finish watching you can rate the show.



Let the MAGIC begin..​




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