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Unintentionally, the pandemic significantly increased the view of TV itself and created a

need to rationalize watching linear television content/ Live TV and Video On Demand / VOD.

Analyzing the Television user behavior in all screen dimensions (Big TV screens /Smart

Mobile) and also brainstorming with our strategic partners, we came up with the proposal to

refresh industry-standard applications by giving a new dynamic experience, revolutionizing the TV Entertainment “on the go.”

How dynamic you’ll ask?

“Dynamic in the way of displaying data, main Live TV events focused on the top of the

app on live tv and not just channel listing according to user experience preferences and polls.”

“Dynamic in the way of serving VOD files, events, categories, new to watch, and many more..”

“Dynamic by “Continuing Watching” movies that you did not finish, to capture them in another convenient timing.”

“Dynamic by bringing Fresh “News” in a dedicated section from your content provider.”

“Dynamic by asking Direct Support with your content provider/ operator.”

“Dynamic by having personalized “in App Messages.”

“The attractive dark mode accompanies all this experience, bringing a calmer look to the observant and curious eyes of your customers but you can always choose whether light or dark theme”

Now the content can be provided in a more flexible, personalized, and readable approach for the end-user by avoiding long navigation, scrolling, and bringing to the main menu any television content that the end-users need and want to watch.

PS. For the curious ones, you can find this version implemented in our clients apps for Play Store and App Store:

TiBO, one of the biggest triple play

service operators in balkan region.

OVERSPORT, dedicated sports content distributor/ provider for Major events like SERIE A, Albanian Football Super League, COPA DEL REY, Scotish Professional Football League and other important sports events in Europe.

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