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Working with the Olympics!

Say "Welcome" to the newest app in town, SportALB, the temple of all sports enthusiasts, where you can see:

Live TV, VOD, and news about Olympic games, Triathlons, Volleyball, Weightlifting, Swimming, Athletics, Badminton, Basketball, Boxing, Biking, Football, Gymnastics, Archery, Tennis, Judo, and many more.

All the content is distributed through SportALB free of charge with the initiative of Mr. Fidel Ylli, President/KOKSH, and all sports federations, supported by the International Olympic Committee with Mr. Thomas BACH as president; the Municipality of Tirana and the Major, Mr. Erion Veliaj; Ministry of Education, Sports & Youth, TiBO-Oversport as Media Partner, and Magoware as the software technology partner.

With the "SportALB" app, it is intended to connect all sports with all sports enthusiasts. It is the perfect app at the perfect time with the perfect technology to promote Olympic sports to a higher level through Live Streaming Videos inside the Mobile Applications and reach the targeted audience.

The Olympic Sport Community has applauded this initiative, which is just the beginning of new and innovative projects to come.

SportALB is now available on both platforms iOS & Android mobile.

Stay tuned for MAGOWARE's next "magic", your trusted partner for IPTV/OTT solutions.


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